Online Services

We have created a number of Web-based services, here are some of them.


GooDiff is a service for automated tracking of changes to Web service policies. The legal documents used by Web services — such as their terms of use or privacy policies — are often evolving over time, and it can be very difficult for end users to find out what has changed, when and to which extent. GooDiff makes it possible to identify and summarize those changes, and it can notify users of those changes that may affect them.

Screenshot of GooDiff

GooDiff: This example shows changes to the policies of Google Picasa. Here, we can see that Google has started to collect information about your computer when you install the Picasa software.

The implementation of GooDiff is available as free and open source software. You can download GooDiff and follow its development on GitHub, where the software is separated into itsĀ back-end and frontend components.

Since we love free information at quuxlabs, you can also download the whole GooDiff dataset (including post-processed and raw data) as a git bundle.


FreeArchive is a service for archiving online information that is driven by end users. Here, everyone becomes the archivist. The process of archiving is based on the voluntary act of tagging Web resources using machine tags and a specific FreeArchive namespace. The “preservation” of Web resources is performed by the server-side FreeArchive crawler component which automatically retrieves tagged resources from the World Wide Web. This allows users to save relevant information for the future, even when the original source becomes unavailable on the Web.

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